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Candidate 1

Personal details:


Alina Nomsangaphi






South African

Area of Residence

Cosmo City



Marital status


Number of Children


Ages of Children

12 and 5

Where are Children staying presently?

With their grandmother

Work requirement:


Caregiver – for the elderly


R7 500 (Live out) – Includes DomestiCare

Live In/Live Out



Proficient in English (Y/N)


Other languages


Highest level of Education


Other training

Advanced caregiver training, certificate in enerjoy person centered care for dementia training and certified caregiver.

Drivers license (Y/N)


Cooking Skills

Breakfast only.



We received a written reference stating the following: Alina has worked for me looking after both my parents for the last seven years. Up until December 2007 she looked after both my father and mother, until my mother died at 91 years of age, after needing significant care due to repeated attacks of pneumonia and then suffering from claudication of her right leg. Just before my mother’s death, my father had a major seizure resulting in him becoming an invalid requiring 24 hours care. He suffered from dementia and was very difficult to care for, due to both his physical disability and his mental condition for the last two and a half years of his life until his death in August 2010 at the age of 95 years, and all through this time Alina gave him extraordinary care which way surpassed the call of duty.  It is testament to the quality of care the he received from her, that although he was an invalid for the last two and a half years of his life, requiring constant turning and eventually bedwashing etc due to incontinence, he had not one bedsore by the time he died. Every time I arrived to see him, mostly unannounced and unexpected, I found him cleanly shaven, bathed and in clean clothes with his hair combed, and Alina often showing him the family photo album, or singing to him, or holding his hand and talking to him, and this wonderful care greatly enhanced his quality of life. She was utterly trustworthy with a high level of integrity and knowing that she was caring for him so well gave both my sibilings and I great peace of mind. Alina has a happy disposition and was always both respectful and compassionate in her relationship with my parents. I highly recommend her to any future employer. This reference was confirmed. Due to the most current reference being unwilling to supply a reference we highly recommend Alina based on the above.

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