Candidate 1

Personal details:


Sizalobuhle B





Area of Residence




Marital status


Number of Children


Ages of Children

Where are Children staying presently?

Work requirement:

Position (Nanny/Domestic/Both)



R5 000.00(Live out)  + R305.80 (Domesticare Plus)

Live In/Live Out



Proficient in English (Y/N)


Other languages

Ndebele and Zulu

Highest level of Education

Grade 11

Other training


Drivers license (Y/N)


Cooking Skills

No she cannot cook but she is willing and eager to learn


We received a written reference stating the following:  We hereby confirm that Sizalobuhle has been working for us as a nanny and housekeeper since August 2016 until February 2019. Buhle care for our two boys, Our first born was 6 month old when she started with us, then when he was 23 months we had another baby boy for whom she cared from birth until he was 13 months old. At the time when she left the boys were 3 and 1 years of age respectively. Her responsibilities included both domestic work and looking after our 1 year old during the day while the 3 year old was at nursery school. She often took him for walks to the park and did household chores in between.  Buhle was absolutely incredible with my boys. She is kind-hearted and extremely well-spoken. It is thanks to her that my 3 year old son is bilingual and is able to express himself correctly in English with ease, even though our home language is Afrikaans (I am a speech language therapist so language development is high on my list of priorities). She is able to 'read' the toddlers she cares for very well. She also does not hesitate to set the boundaries with them where needed and she puts personal hygiene and safety highly - she always washed/sanitized her hands before picking up my baby/kids.  Buhle is a very well-spoken, trustworthy and intelligent young woman. She can think on her feet and would always check with me if someone came to the gate whether I was expecting anyone without letting them in. Although she has a quiet and shy demeanor, she is a warm and friendly person and could often be heard laughing and playing with my boys. She goes about her day to day tasks with a quiet confidence and she thrives on routine. We then moved into a bigger home, and were expecting our third child therefore the responsibilities became more we therefore decided to find a stay-in housekeeper.  Buhle will be a wonderful addition to any family with small children/toddlers and we would highly recommend her to any family who has small children! The reference was confirmed.

Examination Mark:


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